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Defend What You Love pre-orders!


Defend What You Love is a design that I created in 2017 as a fundraiser for a forest defense camp in the area commonly called Pennsylvania. This message remains as important today as it has ever been. 


Currently, a pre-order is essential to raise enough seed money to make a larger order of shirts and to have them in stock for the future. This initial order can be made once 20 sales are reached. So tell your friends, family, and loved ones so this can get started soon!   


Proceeds of Defend What You Love sales will be shared with the Wet'suwet'en Nation, who are defending their unceded land from constant conflicts with the Canadian government and the continual expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Learn more by visiting 

These shirts will be printed by local Philadelphia-based printer Team Print Shop

How To

Pre-Order shirts today! 

1) Decide what color and size shirt(s) you want.

Options for short sleeved t-shirts:

  Colors: Green shirt with black ink print on front -or- Black shirt with white ink print on front

  Sizes: XS through XXXL

Options for hoodies:

  Color: Black zip-up hoodie with white ink print on back.

  Sizes: XS through XXXL 

2) Tally up what you owe.

    Each t-shirt is $20.

    Each sweatshirt is $35.

    Shipping is $7 per order (not per shirt).

3) Make a payment.

    a) Click the PayPal button below. 


    b) It is up to you to enter in the tallied $ amount that you owe. 

    c) Complete your payment. 

    b) Send me an email stating what color and size shirt(s) or sweatshirt(s) you are ordering AND your shipping address. 

       This is a VERY important step.

       My email address is

Please note that if you do not say what color/size you want or give me your address, I won't know what you want or where to send it. If that happens accidentally, please email me immediately with your info at


Once I have sold 20 items, I will have enough seed money to get an order started at the printer. Then I will place the order and will ship shirts off to you as soon as I get them in my hands. So tell your friends, family, and loved ones so this can get started soon!

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