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Short Comics


Digging Dinosaurs

A 6-pg comic telling the speculated history of a paleontological dig site in Montana. Self published in 2022.


Whale Zombies

A 10-panel comic about finding a dead whale at the beach.

Written and illustrated by Meg Lemieur. 2021.

Leaves Comic_flat1.jpg

Leaves Changing

A 10-panel comic about why leaves change color in the Fall. Created in 2023.

Even Shorter Comics


62 Miles

A 6-panel comic about how incredibly close space is. Created in 2022.


Green Hat

A 4-panel comic about how living in Philadelphia means wearing a lot of green. Created in 2022.


COVID Comics

Daily one-panel comics about my life in 2020.

Written & illustrated by Meg Lemieur. Self Published in 2020.

Human Interest


One-panel cartoon about gentrification in West Philadelphia.

Concept & Illustration by Meg Lemieur.

Published by Philadelphia Weekly, January 2018.

2016 Environmental Politics

A 1-page comic about Trump's

environmental policies.

Written by Seth Tobocman.

Illustrated by Meg Lemieur

Published by Shadow Press 2017.

Flint Water Crisis

A 6-page comic book about the Flint water crisis.

Written and Illustrated by Meg Lemieur.

Published by AKPress 2016.



Hourly Comics

February 1st is "Hourly Comic Day" where comic artists illustrate each hour of their day.


A 2-page comic introducing

myself as an animal-loving artist.

Written and Illustrated by Meg Lemieur.

Personal piece.

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