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A 6-page comic book about the Flint water crisis.

Written and Illustrated by Meg Lemieur.

Published by AKPress 2016.


One-panel cartoon about gentrification in West Philadelphia.

Concept & Illustration by Meg Lemieur.

Published by Philadelphia Weekly, January 2018.


A 2-page comic introducing

myself as an animal-loving artist.

Written and Illustrated by Meg Lemieur.

Personal piece.

2016 Environmental Politics

A 1-page comic about Trump's

environmental policies.

Written by Seth Tobocman.

Illustrated by Meg Lemieur

Published by Shadow Press 2017.


Shut Down Berks

Two-page illustrated call to action for immigration campaign.

Written by Shut Down Berks Coalition. Edited and Illustrated by Meg Lemieur.

Self Published 2019.


COVID Comics

Daily one-panel comics about my life in 2020.

Written & illustrated by Meg Lemieur. Yet to be self published.


Hourly Comics

February 1st is "Hourly Comic Day" where comic artists illustrate each hour of their day.