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Meg Lemieur is freelance illustrator based in the ancestral lands of the Lenni Lenape, now known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She illustrates using pencil, pen, paper, and digital color. Her work focuses on natural and urban environments and subjects, while lending her skills to numerous advocacy campaigns.

Recent artist residencies include the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and The College of New Jersey. Meg received the Women in Conservation award for Environmental Arts from Penn Future in 2023.


Recent work include her comic work in World War 3 Illustrated published by AK Press, a fully illustrated card game called Aqua Marooned for Swim Pony and published by the Alliance for Watershed Education, and being the illustrator for a full length animated movie for Bridge Arts Ensemble.


When she isn't drawing, Meg builds fluffy puppets, tends to her urban vegetable garden, hikes amongst the tallest trees, and reads about dinosaurs and evolution.

Recent Articles:

"...Meg's work is unique in that it celebrates the amazing feats of the natural world while uplifting the viewer through encouraging messages and acknowledging the complexity of our world...."

This is an interview for the Woman of Environmental Arts Award that I was presented in March, 2023.

Meg at Bartrams.jpg

Photo by Andrew Geller

"...The more we looked, the more bones we found, and the more our excitement grew. We informed the rest of the crew that we had fossils in situ here, and it might be worth it to mount a full excavation at this site! Before long, the site had been given a nickname: “M&M”, in honor of its discoverers Meg and Margaretta..."

This article isn't about my art. It's about a set of dinosaur bones I found with a friend in the summer of 2022. Because that's what I do. I find dinosaur bones.


Photo by Margaretta Walton

"Holding a pen in my hand and pulling it across a piece of paper over and over to create a beautiful image puts me into a uniquely meditative mindset that awakens my creativity, problem-solving and intuition. There is nothing quite like it."

Excerpt from article in TribLive about my creative process and environmental advocacy.


Crop from Water Ways by Meg Lemieur and Bri Barton

"On April 20 local artist Meg Lemieur released an illustrated map of the Lenapewihittuk (Delaware River) watershed, complete with plants and wildlife found in the region. “I’ve been illustrating flora and fauna from the region for 15 years, and most of these animals are some of my favorites,” Lemieur says."

Excerpt from article in GRID Magazine about my map of Lenapehoking / The Delaware River Watershed


Crop from Lenapehoking map by Meg Lemieur

"The [Water Ways] poster criticises the hydraulic fracturing industry through a single panoramic woodland scene in which every detail tells a story, and the activists, politicians and citizens are represented as plants and animals."

        -Walter Foley


Excerpt from GRID magazine article covering collaborative project Water Ways.


Photo by Andrew Geller


"Meg is gifted in many ways! Her talent and artistry are readily apparent. Add to that her personal qualities -- patience, active listening skills, kindness, empathy, and gratitude, among others -- and you have a winning combination. I look forward to working with Meg again."

       -Jozef Zebediah; owner of My Grandmother's Table, a bakery in Michigan.

Note: I created their logo as well as a portrait of Jozef's Grandmother to hang in the shop.

"Meg is a collaborative dream! Working with her on Aqua Marooned! revealed an artist who is creatively playful, ethically rigorous and consummately professional. The game simply wouldn't be the work of art it is today without her input and cooperation throughout the process. It's daunting - to say the least - to bring artists on board to create nearly 300 unique images featuring local flora and fauna that will be reviewed by experts in the environmental field plus loads of corresponding design pieces. The final outcome was far and away better than I ever dreamed it might be and is universally beloved by those that we partnered with on its creation."

         -Adrienne Mackey

Note: I co-illustrated the card game Aqua Marooned! over a 2-year period, which included about 300 unique illustrations as well as package designs and marketing material.

"I loved how easily my vision came to life with Meg Lemieur. Couldn't recommend her enough!"

        -Meenal Raval


Note: I painted a mural for Meenal Raval's bicycle shop. Read her blog about the project by clicking the button below!

Download my 2023 CV here:

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