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Girl Who Fell Off The Key

Written by Patricia Noonan

Music by Will Healy

Directed by Kimille Howard

Edited by Eric Mann

Produced by Bridge Arts Ensemble

A musical adventure for kids set in the world of music itself, The Girl Who Fell Off the Key brings to life the story of Ara, a girl born on the dreary Key of D Flat, where the Sharps and Flats have been at odds for as long as anyone can remember -- and have long since forgotten how to sing or  hear in any key but their own.  Though she grows up believing hers is the only Key out there, when Ara follows some strange sounds right off the edge of D Flat, she discovers that the Land of Keys is bigger, richer, and far more dangerous and exciting than she could have imagined -- and sets off on a journey that may finally bring peace, music, and new life back to her Key.

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