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This illustration is packed with visual reminders that each of these characters and elements are worth defending, especially in a time where they are all under threat. Three women of different ethnicities stand together in the center of this illustrated booklet. An older gentleman to the left reminds us to care for our elders, homeless, and veterans. A Japanese man's presence reminds us of America's past wars and how Japanese Americans were treated in not to recent history. We must protect immigrants to this land. A young child is front & center, holding books and looking to a bright future which is threatened by gun violence, climate change, and a lack of good education amongst other things. In the background are symbols of earth, wind, fire and water because we need to protect and govern them all well. As a background, is the fist of resistance.


Size: 4"x5" booklet

Inside: 36 lined pages

Printed on 14pt white card stock.

Any Day is a Good Day to Defend - booklet

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